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The Fashion Ache & Vero Milano: THE INTERVIEW

If you're after that perfect bikini or showstopper of a dress for that last-minute get away trip to somewhere exotic - Vero Milano is your answer. I caught up with Alina Matei, Founder of the Vero Milano brand for a quick Q&A...

Q. What made you start up the dress and bikini brand?
A. ‘The idea came to me when I saw how difficult it was to find swimwear and dresses that can make the body look sexy and elegant at the same time, and at an affordable price.’

Q. Was it always about starting up your own brand? Was it a dream from when you were little?
A. ‘No, I was never sure what I wanted to do, but I think things in life happen for a reason and I absolutely love my work.’

Q. Describe a 9-5pm work day.
A. ‘My day never ends at 5pm because there are always things that we have to sort out, sometimes until late in the evening. For example, we have the Vero Milano online shop and I like to make sure the orders are all prepped for the next day.

And about describing one day...they are never the same, each day is different from phone calls and emails I have to take in the morning, that sometimes last till the evening to the creation of new styles and preparations for TV and fashion shows. Plus we have to organize the photo-shoots for the up-coming collections. We always try to visit new places to choose unique locations for the background for our collection.’

Q. What inspires your collections? The colours? The prints? Where does the inspiration all begin?
A. ‘It's never one thing, it's about being inspired at the right moment.’

Q. Are your designs trend-led? Or is it more street style that inspires your work?
A. ‘My designs are largely trend-led. Styles naturally evolve over time and for Vero Milano it's always about adding a glamourous twist to create beautiful silhouettes.’

Q. How do you cater for all body types swimwear-wise? Are the bikinis and swimsuits designed to make the most of your shape?
A. ‘Our swimwear is designed to be sexy and elegant at the same time. We use volume, shape and colour to accentuate the lines of the body. We want women to feel comfortable, yet empowered by making the most of their shape.’

Q. I love the highly embellished nature of your dresses - will we be seeing more of this in your later collections? Is this part of the Vero Milano style and essence?
A.’Yes, definitely. This is an essential part of Vero Milano, our creations and future collections are designed to help women stand out from the crowd, but in a stylish way.’

Q. Who would you love to spot wearing Vero Milano? Which famous face?
A. ‘Jessica Alba!’

Q. If you could choose anyone - any celebrity or model - to front your brand - who would it be?
A.. ‘Jennifer Lopez, because she is a very attractive and elegant woman.’

Q. If you could collaborate with a shop/store who would you choose to work with?
A. ‘We have already received some interesting proposals and are in negotiations to put Vero Milano in some exquisite stores. I can't give any names away but we'll be neighbours with Gucci, Burberry, Dolce and Gabbana, Disquared, Galiano and many more…’

Q. What type of thing will we be seeing in your new collections for AW14?
A. ‘I'd love to tell you but we're preparing the collection so it will have to be a surprise!’

Q. What's your own personal style like?
A. ‘My style is reflected in my creations, that's partly where the inspiration comes from.’

Q. And finally, imagine your wardrobe is burning down and you have a minute to choose one piece out of your entire wardrobe to keep - what do you grab?
A. ‘A jumpsuit, as I think it's an outfit that can look stunning dressed up or down.’

All images are sourced from Vero Milano/Browser Media


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