Wednesday, 27 August 2014

End of AUGUST Shopping List #payday

I once saw this cartoon sketch which had two sketches. In the first, it was payday and the girl (struggling under the weight of some SERIOUS shopping bags) was all, 'I'm RICH!'. The second window showcased the same girl at the END of the month (this time dressed to the nines in said shopping) moaning and counting the pennies #storyofmylife. Sometimes I feel a little like this (OKAY, a LOT like this). Payday arrives and I can't WAIT to purchase all of those dazzling accessories, novelty clutches, statement coats etc. that have been waiting impatiently on my wishlists, but by the end of the's difficult to even fuel the car. My advice? Calm down. Purchase one wishlist number a month and by end of the month things won't be as hard. (I'm planning on taking this advice this month....will let you know how it pans out...). 

Accessorize holding shot - 'Call Me' clutch. Seriously, call me clutch...I want you!  

Colour-popping, SHOW-stopping accessories from Gypsies + Debutantes and seriously slick bejeweled camo print from clutch connoisseurs, Wilbur & Gussie

Holding shot from Primark - flaunting it's brand-spanking new #AW14 collection...and that Jean Paul Gaultier bag? I.WANT.IT. 

The NEW Look Magazine x Little Mistress collection. Your #AW14 wardrobe is dying to house it...need to sit down? I know the feeling. 

Accessorize holding shot. Because CLUTCH BAGS are the BAGS TO CLUTCH this season...

Images are sourced from:
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