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I’m very susceptible to falling in love with a pair of shoes – and when they’re as good as Australian shoe designer, DanYelle’s – no shoe lover has a hope of staying away from them. I caught up with the designer for a quick Q&A…

Q. When it comes to shoes - what sets your heart on fire design-wise?

Is it the materials it's made from? The colour they flaunt? What?

A. Materials drive me crazzzzy! They’re capable of causing convulsions.

Q. What made you start up a shoe brand? Is it something you always wanted to do?

A.Yes, it was always on my to-do list. I literally had a scrap book of designs that I would update, at times, daily. From a young age I was always angered by the general public and how they would spend so much time and money on outfits and think it was ok to just make little or no effort on what they wore on their feet. So I took it upon myself to try to change the mentality of the general public!

Q. Has the creation of DANYELLE been an interesting, challenging journey?
A.The creation of DANYELLE has been an unbelievable journey. I have self-taught myself quite a bit and that has been a very tough road for me as its very time consuming. I take on all of the workload myself; so there’s a creative me and a powerful business side of me which need to meet somewhere in the middle. So, if I’m focused on the business side of things too much you’ll just see my creative side splattered on the window, and vice versa. In saying all of that it has been extremely fun and challenging for me both mentally and physically. I’ve been in some very ridiculous, absurd situations, where I’ve just sat there thinking, really? Really? Is this really happening? Then something amazing happens - like an order from a Victoria’s Secret model who’s just purchased from my website. Then it’s like: yes REALLY. This is happening and I bloody love it!

Q. Describe the brand in three words...
Q. Ritzy, cultured and fierce.

Q. What inspired your SS14 collection?
A. The earth and its natural wonders have inspired this collection - its landscapes, the colours, the textures…

Q. Where do you start when designing a pair of shoes?
A. I always start with my materials and embellishments. I then base the heel and shape around this (which for some may seem a little backward but it’s what works for me).

Q. What designers have inspired you to do what you do?
Q.Hmm…to be completely honest I’m not actually greatly inspired by fashion designers – it would be Coco Chanel if I had to pick one. I find I am inspired by architectural designs and interior designers including the likes of Graham Moss and Kara Mann.’

Q. Who would you love to see wearing your designs? (Celebrity-wise)
A. ‘Anja Rubik, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Nicole Richie.’

Q you could collaborate with a high-street store - which one would it be?
A.High-street store for young fun would be River Island.’

Q. What's your own shoe wardrobe like? Stuffed full of beauties? Or simplistic and kept to a few favourites?

A.’My wardrobe is stuffed full of beauties.’

Q. What's your own personal style like?
A. ‘My own personal style is simple and I often float about in black or white. I love being in sheer numbers and leather. I accessorise in black and that includes my jewellery. My shoe designs are colourful or embellished and always add that WOW factor to my outfits.’

Q. Give us a quick rundown of what one of your regular working days
would be like - from 9-5pm.

A.’Well I definitely don’t work within those hours! Especially this time of year! An example of my routine at the moment would be the following… 

Up at 6am - first thing I do is go for a run. If I don’t do this right at that moment- it doesn’t happen.

8 -11 - I shower and recap what my day is about to involve.
Whilst eating breakfast I check emails and respond to any urgent ones that I may have missed during my snooze.

11am -9pm - I am still sorting emails, inspecting samples, choosing materials, enforcing quality control on all my new totes and laptop cases (that have just arrived), working on wholesale line sheets that need to go out and responding to online orders and custom VIP orders I have. I’ll do a few instagram posts to keep my clients in the loop as I like to communicate with my clients on a personal level. I think it’s nice. While all this is happening I’m often creating a moodboard in my head on up-coming ad campaigns – be it the theme, location, styling etc. Amongst all of this I need to finish my next collection bit by bit. By 11pm its time for me to liaise with all sales agents and stockists overseas - who are on a different time zone, so I’ll be on the phone for a couple more hours and finally get to sleep at about 2.30am, if I’m lucky. This time of month I can be asleep at 4.30am and up at 6pm. And I don’t drink coffee!’

Q. Where would you like the brand to be in five years?
A. ‘In five years I will have created an accessory empire. I will have DANYELLE stores in all major fashion capitals.’

Q. What's been one the most fabulous moment of your career so far?

A.’I have a couple. The first was taking part in Mercedes- Benz Fashion week only a few months into launching my label. Opening my first DANYELLE store in Sydney’s fashion hotspot Oxford Street Paddington and the next one? I can’t say because it is yet to be released! Hands down though that it will be the most fabulous moment of my career to date!’

I can’t wait to find out what this is DANIYELLE!

All images are sourced from DanYelle

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