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Now, you may have caught on to a little crush of mine that I have with the fresh new brand, Another8. And, I’m pretty sure it has the potential to turn into a FULL-BLOWN love affair. This is a brand that has led me to lust desperately after a rucksack (an accessory I haven’t worn since I was in high school) and - when I received said rucksack – treat it like a little person (I’m not kidding, it sits in the passenger seat of my car – the boyf now has to sit in the back). Ridiculous I know. It’s a brand that bridges the gap between those luxe unaffordable brands that I love (but can’t quite afford – hello Céline, Marc & Vivienne W) and the affordable but not-quite-there-luxury-wise stuff you find on the high street. Having only launched in December 2013 (and the launch was good) the label is already in full swing having been already featured in Grazia, The Observer Magazine and many other key publications across various media platforms. And, whether it’s their Minimal House line or 90s Jungle fever that gets you HOT, Another8 is looking like a fashion force to be reckoned with…

Want to know more? Thought so. I got the chance to interview the creatives behind the brand with some classic TheFashionAche questions:

Q. Who’s the team behind Another8?
A.’An ever changing team of London creatives with retail backgrounds who have a wealth of experience in design, buying and manufacturing and who are all connected through the industry on previous projects.’

Q. How did the label Another8 come about? Was it always the aim to create a brand?
A.’We saw a gap in the market for customers like ourselves who desire premium design and quality at attainable price points. It was an opportunity to create an online retailer whose priority was to achieve products that feel as good as they look.’

Q. Why the name ‘Another8’?
A.’When we first came up with the brand concept the word “Another” appeared in our notes over 50 times. We thought it aesthetically pleasing and realised that it’s key meaning implied ‘evolving’ which is what we saw as a key element to our brand. Then we added the number as obviously it too has eternal connotations and therefore links to this idea of ‘evolving’ but also is regarded in some parts of the world as extremely lucky too. We also liked the fact that Another8 could mean different things for different people and left a good deal of personal interpretation for our customer.’

Q. Explain the style of the label in three words.
A.’Cool, chic, effortless.’

Q. Describe the aesthetic of the brand - and what you're delivering
when it comes to style.

A.’We think that it’s easiest to describe by summing up our customer - an artistic, young professional with a flair for fashion who is conscious of trends but not led by them. Someone with attention to detail and love of design who likes to look effortlessly fabulous. Someone who enjoys the fun element to fashion and adores retro but wants to look current.’

Q. What designers and brands have inspired you in the past?
A.’Marc Jacobs, Christopher Kane, Céline.’

Q. If in the future you could collaborate with a high street store - which one would you pick?

A. ‘& Other Stories’

Q. Which celebrities would you love to see working your pieces?
A.’Cara Delevigne, Lykke Li.’

Q. What publications would you love to have the brand featured in?
A. ‘We already have featured in The Observer Mag, Grazia and Hunger Mag but we would also like Love, Dazed and Confused, Tank etc.’

Q. What's your own personal style like?
A. ‘Our taste really varies but we would all wear pieces from the range which we think demonstrates just how broadly Another8 appeals.’

Q. Where would you love to see the brand in 5 years time?
A. ‘We would really love to have a flagship store in East London and several stores around central London and a presence globally in New York, Paris etc.’

All images and quotes are sourced from Another8/Pink Mango PR


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