Sunday, 12 January 2014

KMS California: OBSESSED WITH STYLE Campaign

When KMS California’s latest release dropped into my inbox, I immediately fell for its street-styled and urban 2014 Campaign, “Obsessed with Style” – a hair collection embracing cool individuality through the freedom of style. Inspired by the brand’s vibrant packaging their latest campaign explores playing with colour in an unstructured format, and their collection of images showcases this freedom of style  allowing the hair and the wardrobe to express originality, freedom, uniqueness and confidence. The clothes styling also enlisted an eclectic mix of the fresh and new and sweet vintage pieces, simultaneously signifying quality, aspiration and the openness and colour that is engrained in the KMS philosophy. 

All images are sourced from KAO PR/KMS California

Lead Hair Stylist: Clive Allwright
Lead Hair Stylist: Edwin Johnston
Asst Hair Stylist, Clive: Kelly grant
Asst Hair Stylist, Edwin: Lenelle Davis
Photographer: Yu Tsai
Clothes Styling: Emma Trask
MakeUp: Dawn Broussard


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