Thursday, 30 January 2014

ASOS x Brie Larson

If you haven’t checked out the latest ASOS issue (which is available now in print), take a peek at the online giant’s March 2014 cover featuring the actress Brie Larson. A year ago, the 21 Jump Street actress was eBaying her things to make money. Now it’s all about awards, an acclaimed film role, fame and fortune. Wearing an cool ASOS top – customised exclusively for Brie), Ashish Logo Trim Jogging Pants, ASOS Mixed Band Midi Ring Pack, ASOS Jewel Friendship Bracelet and the brand’s Limited Edition Owl Friendship Bracelet. Below the ASOS team finds out more about the cool star…

On almost giving up acting…
“I had this thing…where every time I thought, forget it, I’m not doing it anymore, I’m tired of not feeling good enough, out of the blue, some movie I auditioned for months ago would happen. Something would always pull me back to it, and it would give me just enough confidence to carry on acting.”

On being compared to Jennifer Lawrence…
“I’m a fan of hers, she’s made great movies and I love her as a human being, so I’m not going to complain about that. She also has the most extreme circumstances, she can’t go without being disturbed, and she handles it beautifully…I’d have probably cracked by now.”

On dressing for the red carpet…
“It’s imperative that you feel good when doing that…people would send me clothes, then I’d get my hair and makeup done and feel miserable. For ages, I couldn’t figure out why. But it’s because I felt like some weird painted doll. So now, I like clothes that feel protective…I love design and it’s amazing to me how much bad design is out there.”

On the success of Short Term 12
Short Term 12 is a little guy. It doesn’t have any money behind it, or a campaign. It’s got to this purely by people discovering it, and loving it and telling other people. I didn’t think the Gotham award would happen, but then I didn’t think I’d ever be 24…”

All images are sourced from 
ASOS PR/ASOS Magazine and photographer Ben Morris.


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