Thursday, 2 January 2014

A STONKING great Coffee Table Book

As I think I may have already established on here, I’m a bit of a sucker for a luxe coffee table book. Now, admittedly, I don’t actually leave my fashion volumes on the coffee table (or even really place them near it), not just because they would be removed immediately by the boyfriend (it’s trouble enough when I appear to walk around leaving a trail of glossies behind me in my wake…I don’t actually see what the problem is with this either though). However, with my collection building – there just wouldn’t be anywhere to put the actual coffee…okay, vino (if we’re being very honest).

However, when Taschen’s Illustration Now! Fashion arrived on my desk – I thought it might be time to make an exception. This explorative volume considers the way in which many artists create fashion on the page – whether it’s by the mild and fluid motion of watercolours, simple but astute pencil lines, innovative characters or the building up of a collage – every artist recreates fashion in their own dynamic way. 

I’m currently in the mist of reading about Coco Chanel, and stumbling across the Portrait of Coco Chanel, 2011 by Kat Von D was a pleasant occurrence. With a cigarette in hand, a curling plume of smoke and layer upon layer of pearls – it couldn’t have been anyone else. 

Anja Kröncke brings playful and stylish characters and scenes to the table; incorporating slender silhouettes, button berry mouths and 20s bouffants. While the fluid, tantalizing work of Cecilia Lundgren needs so very little to illustrate her muses’ ensembles. One of my favourites however, was the playful collages of work by Wendy Plovmand. They’re just waiting to be seen in a magazine.

All in all, this is a book loaded with a creative and beautifully visual energy tailored to my favourite industry. Each artists’ impression of, say, the latest Proenza Schouler show or Marc Jacob’s latest drop, is inspiring, and most importantly, different. Not only are the images of style, they are style.

Find your copy HERE.

All images are sourced from Taschen/Taschen PR


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