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TONI&GUY X Jean-Pierre Braganza SS14

Last week, TONI&GUY and label.m hosted an intimate evening in conversation with esteemed designer, Jean-Pierre Braganza and International Artistic Director Indira Schauwecker to celebrate the brand’s label.m x Jean-Pierre Brazganza collaboration. Held at the Trace Publicity Headquarters, the fashion magazine crème de la crème (from the likes of Glamour, Vogue and Grazia) flocked to the interview led by TONI&GUY’s official blogger, Poppy Disney, where Jean-Pierre and Indira both shed light on the inspiration behind the collaborative process, and TONI&GUY’s label.m x Jean Pierre collection. Not only this, but Braganza elaborated further on his inspirations behind the iconic geometric print for the label.m packaging and THAT fabulous clutch (which you’ll soon be seeing in an up-coming outfit post).

Check out a snippet from TONI&GUY’s Q&A with Jean-Pierre Braganza and Indira Schauwecker below...

How long has TONI&GUY worked with Jean Pierre Braganza for?

IS: It is our fourth season working with JP and it’s my fourth heading it on behalf of the TONI&GUY and the art team.

How important is hair to fashion?
JPG: Of course it’s a natural element to a lady’s attire and very important that the hair works and completes the look and the all over aesthetic.

IS: The hair is very important as it is easy to access for a fashion follower who may not be able to afford the brand or label. It’s easy to get their hair done as part of everyday life.

JPG: It’s also important, the hair matches as the accessory and easy to finish the key look.

As the beauty press we are looking for trends and real day to day women taking inspiration do you find that?

IS: Bloggers and fashion people, journals, hair, beauty, make up and clothes - it’s all over the Internet and so easy to access, Paris New York, so quick in the data more and more people are becoming interested.

JPG: People are seeded with twitter and Instagram, actually to get a glimpse of even one model, seems to be of general interest to all fashion followers.

Now, we’re so in love with the packaging of the latest label.m product, can you tell us what inspired you for that style of geometric?

JPG: It’s not normally usual for a designer to know an influence and I have a strange creative mind and it wouldn’t make sense to the general primary, but Ben Nicholson’s work inspired me to do the print for label.m and was thinking the clutches are people’s most favourite bit of collection. But for now hair and accessory’s to tie up together, they follow one another.

Indira, tell us about the hair shows – how long does this get planned?

IS: We have hair tests maybe one week before the show and even in that time it may have changed. A designer creates their collection, the hair has to be perfect and in harmony with the collection, when hair doesn’t match a designer’s collection, it could ruin it and it’s the understanding and putting ideas and inspiration together that’s important.

You have made it clear that London isn’t your home city, but can you tell me how you both made it your home, how do you adapt?

JPG: London is a creative city, you can’t deny it, and the hub is Central Saint Martin’s and we know each other and all support each other in the fashion world, it’s like a family.

IS: It is the place of people that are different, I am from Switzerland, and my town where I’m from everyone looks the same, it’s all the same, there is nothing individual about anyone. I love London because they want to stand out and we have over-the-top designers in London, they don’t have to be scared of what the press think? I love working in London.

What do you think of the increasing focus being placed on London’s young talents? 

JPG: The fashion brand and industry is creative, filled with extreme pressure to constantly reinvent the wheel. History is history, the leverage of trends is tough and we try out Best. Designers need to think outside the box and really push, analyse the past and create the future. There is a lot of responsibility, it also helps to believe in what you do.

How do you feel that the role of the fashion designer has changed since you launched your label?

JPG: Good question! Major changes from ideas in the studio and ways to invent a garment including the idea and concept of design – especially for the woman I design for. I worship women, I guess I am a feminist. It is almost a power and the type of designer and concerned the passion of women.

All images are sourced from Jean-Pierre Braganza, TONI&GUY/TONI&GUY PR


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