Monday, 11 November 2013


Last week, I was delighted to be invited to the gorgeous Red or Dead Breakfast at The Breakfast Club in Shoreditch. Set in the heart of buzzing London, a select few bloggers were invited to explore the Autumn/Winter’13 collection from the brand, meet the (extremely funny, and very inspiring) Red or Dead Creative Director, Katie Greenyer (bloody love you Katie!) and take part in a game of very nifty, very compelling bingo, in which you could #WIN a Red or Dead bicycle (the brand’s teamed up with Raleigh bikes to bring you such beauties such as Starstruck, which will (er..hem) make you absolutely and completely ‘starstruck’ with its magnificence). 

After meeting the other lovely bloggers (including the likes of Paige Joanna, Plumdiddlyumcious and Kristiana Vasarina) and the gorge Katie, we settled down to some rather contented munching while Katie led us through the history of Red or Dead (which is stuffed-full of playful catwalk shows, ah-MAZING prints, front-page news features and hysterical stories). But the one thing that really inspired me was Katie’s own story of how she came to work for the brand. After turning up on the founder’s door-step and stating her intent (i.e. ‘I really REALLY want to work for Red or Dead’) she was bluntly turned away and told to go back to London and find someone crazy. So, as one would, she did. And, returned with a series of photographs of a man holding a sign with a slogan on which made absolutely no sense (good afternoon CRAZY!). Upon returning and rocking up on the founders’ doorstep once more, he promptly looked at Katie and said: ‘Alright then, come on in’ (in so many words). Now THAT’S freaking CHARISMA for you! (I’m now currently thinking about fudging together a tent outside ELLE…hmmm…being ‘physically removed’ by security would be my luck though).

And, as you’ll see from my snaps – there is an ENTIRE load of lustworthy Red or Dead pieces for the colder months. But what to pick!? I can tell you now it’s going to be a damn hard decision…


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