Tuesday, 19 November 2013

FLOW by Richi Grisillo, TONI&GUY

Initially inspired by the water, Richi Grisillo’s FLOW Collection is one statement –making set of high-impact images. The collection dabbles in the appearance of light on water, as well as the never-ending shapes and imagery created by ripples and droplets across the surface of a pool. Grisillo brings a slightly darker, more ominous edge to the table with mysterious brooding colours and off-the-cuff compositions. This is a collection that demonstrates pure, dynamic style, perfect for pairing with this season’s Versace ‘Vunk’ movement and the patent luxe leather that flooded the catwalk. 

Name: Richi Grisillo  
Salon: TONI&GUY Paddington  
Category: New Creative Force 2013
Photographer: Andrew O’Toole
Make Up: Mikele Simone
              Styling: Leticia Dare               
Images are sourced from Hair Shots 2 the World

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