Monday, 25 November 2013


So, I’ve got a bit of a problem. Not a FULL-BLOWN tear-your-hair out problem, more of a tinsy-winsy I’m-a-little-bit-obsessed-with FAITH CONNEXION-type issue (but none the less – a problem). What happens when you want ALL of the garments in a brand’s line? Not only do you have to generously expand your wardrobe (the boyfriend is not going to be happy with this) but the credit card is going to take a bit of a bashing, no? Not only this, but I've failed tremendously well to edit down my favourite picks of their SS14 collection (above and around you)...because, well...I can't, and more importantly, I won't. Every piece is luxuriously urban, effortlessly cool and totally versatile (as each garment works with another - even if you get dressed with your eyes shut). Basically, what I'm saying is: if you fill my Spring/Summer'14 wardrobe with the entire Faith Connexion SS14 Collection I'll make you a cup of tea every morning. 

All images are sourced from Faith Connexion/Faith Connexion SS14 Lookbook/HPR London


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