Sunday, 27 October 2013

ASOS MAGAZINE: the December 2013 issue

The latest issue of ASOS Magazine (which if you don’t already read – needs to be quickly added to the top of your to-do list) has just dropped and features the lovely Aluna Francis of the band, Aluna George. Francis stylishly works ASOS’s Party Type Embellished Ovoid Dress and ASOS S O Earrings on the cover, and effortlessly teams the garments with her own personal style and cool attitude to life. 

On her stage outfits:
“I’m good with a bra top…my stage looks are a carefully crafted thing. I sweat like a beast from head-to-toe when I’m performing, so I have this criteria that my clothes need to cover. I need something that is barely covering my body, but is covering it enough that it can be called an outfit. And it has to be shorts, not a skirt, because I don’t want to show my pants.”

On her style:
“I like to mix masculine and feminine – I think I’ve got quite a floaty body, so I like something that offsets that. I got inspired by 1950s boxing attire, which kind of works because performing is like a sport for me.”

On Aluna George’s fans:
“We had a hypey kind of support early on…But now those people are still following us, and that’s really humbling. We didn’t want to be a flash in the pan – get huge success and not deliver. The past year has given us confidence in people’s tastes in strange, eclectic pop music.”

On her relationship with fellow band member George Reid:
“We genuinely like each other, and that’s not always how it works…we’re so different but I think that’s good, because we’re always bringing something different into the studio.”

ASOS Magazine and the photographer Ben Morris.
Aluna Francis Quotes – Sourced from ASOS Magazine


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